Hanging out with Becky McDonough at Monster Jam

If you have been to Monster Jam lately you would have seen that now woman drivers are taking center stage. In a sport that is predominantly male, women drivers are working hard to shatter the stereotype. In recent years they have added female-themed monster trucks, like Madusa, Scarlet Bandit, and Wild Flower.

Madusa is kicking butt having taken two Monster Jam World Finals. This is in addition to many female drivers on truck teams!

women drivers of monster jam el toro loco latinamomsoc.com

We got a chance to meet one of the 15 women Monster Jam drivers, Becky McDonough. She drives for team El Toro Loco, a huge crowd favorite.

women of monster jam 2017 latinamomsoc.com

monster jam el toro loco latinamomsoc.com

The kids were surprised that one of their favorite trucks, El Toro Loco, has a female driver. Actually their driving team has two female drivers. Becky McDonough talked to us about how she began working in Monster Jam. She started working with monster trucks 11 years ago. The last five have been on team El Toro Loco. The same as with any job she started at the bottom and worked her way up. Literally she was a mechanic at first and now is on top as a driver. She spoke about how she knew this is what she wanted to do since 9th grade. She is an example to all girls to work hard and not give up on your dreams. Especially if that dream means breaking gender stereotypes.

monster jam women drivers el toro loco latinamomsoc.com

Monster Jam is a must for any Orange County familia. It is a high adrenaline show that keeps you on your feet yelling the whole time. Their Women of Monster Jam 2017 is one of the reasons we were so excited. I loved seeing my daughter get extra rowdy when a female monster truck was competing. It is great for younger girls to see that “Si Se Puede” is true and it also applies to gender stereotypes.

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