Having a Golden Birthday at Pretend City in Irvine

This past weekend we got hosted to throw my son’s 3rd birthday party at Pretend City in Irvine. I had wanted to do something extra special for him since it was his Golden Birthday. What is a Golden Birthday you ask? It is when you turn the age of your birthday date. Lucas turned three and his birthday is October third. It only happens once in a lifetime. We had taken Lucas to Pretend City for the first time a month ago and he loved it. It was an easy choice to have his Golden Birthday party there.

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Having a birthday can be stressful and you want your guest to have a good time. A Pretend City party is a lot less stressful and the kids will love it. There are four time choices from 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. You get the private room for one hour to have your food and cake. After your one hour is done guest can enjoy the full amenities of Pretend City till their closing time, 5pm. Their packages start with 30 people for $385 ($10 for each extra person). This includes the room for one hour, party host, tables, chairs, refrigerator, a BOGO coupon for all party guest and entrance for all guest to Pretend City. I loved that I could bring my own food and decor. After the party just pick up your belongs and they clean up room for you. I didn’t have to clean up, a huge difference from having it at home. If you need a bigger package, the Double Birthday Package for 60 people at $770 (non-member) with three full hours in private room is perfect. A great option for our numerous Latino families.

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Throwing a Golden Birthday party at Pretend City was easy. Since the room doesn’t have a set theme it’s easy to transform it. We did gold tablecloths and tableware. Since we only had 30 minutes to set-up, the decorations had to be done quickly and easily. I did a golden themed candy/dessert table. At Pretend City they only allow taped decor. We used two gold door hangers on a wall to create the backdrop for table. Then added glitter birthday banner and tassel along edge of table and perfect. I had Golden Oreo’s, Goldfishes, Reese’s cups, Golden Grahams cereal treats, marshmallows and pretzels with golden sprinkles. The Golden dessert table was a huge success and worth the extra effort. We had pizza and salad, you can’t get easier than that. The Golden Birthday theme was super cute and extra special having it at Pretend City.

pretend city birthday parties golden birthday dessert table latinamomsoc.com

golden birthday dessert table latinamomsoc.com

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After the food and cake, we all had a great time enjoying the museum. The entire museum floor feels like a mini town. Perfect for kids to try out different careers and fun activities zones. Kids can act out being police officers, fireman, mailman, construction worker, farmer, and even librarian. The newest ones are Trader Joe’s store clerk and sushi chef. A fun water zone for kids to play with boats and sea creatures. A great sand area where they feel as if they are at the beach. If you have infants an enclosed area just for them is available. My three year old loved driving the many cars around Pretend City’s streets and using the stop and go signs with his older brothers. One of their rooms has a rotating theme and this time had foam building blocks for kids to build life size forts.

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This birthday was such a blast for birthday boy and guest. We had a good amount of first timers experiencing Pretend City and they loved it. As a mom, I loved having a set food time and not having to clean up. I actually got to sit and watch the kids enjoy themselves in museum. We all know this is not the case at a home or park party. The best part was seeing all the kids having an awesome time. It made having it at Pretend City so worth it. If you have a membership you can save on their party packages, an added bonus to get one. Go directly to their website to get in contact with their party coordinator and book your next party!!

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