Advil keeps me going, just in time for Las Posadas

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Today I took my weekly grocery trip to Walmart. I call it my grocery trip, but really it’s my household shopping trip because I get everything from fruits to coffee to shampoo. Since I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive, I always do my shopping by sections to follow my shopping list. It’s funny how my shopping list ends with the most important things my personal items, amongst them I pick up my Advil right before I check out.

Advil at Walmart -

Growing up Latina, we rarely used any type of medication, much less pain relievers. It was all about los “remedios caseros” or home remedies. Some of you may remember el “vaporu” para el pecho, “esprite” para el estomago, or caldito de pollo for those seasonal colds. There were other home remedies, but thank goodness now as mama of three little chiquillos, I only need one thing around, Advil. It’s nice to just have ONE little bottle for those aches and pains to get me through my daily hustle and bustle.

Choosing Advil for every day pains -

As a second generation Latina from immigrant parents, life isn’t any different as other Americans. Every day life is fast-paced filled with work, parenting, school, business, blogging, social life, and all the other life events that surround us. On top of this, I am a single Latina mama which means having double duty in raising my little trio. I never really think about parenting, I just do what has to be done. That means playing both roles of mamá/papá. Whether it’s practicing basketball and baseball with my son, or teaching my girls about values and life. So for those that have a double duty role of parenting, well you know when parenting gets hectic.

Latina mom on the go

On days where I am overwhelmed or tired, I get headaches. Even after my espresso! Then there are some times where I’m just stressed. I always make sure I carry Advil. Whether it is at home, office, in my purse, or car, I make sure I carry this little baby around for those moments where life just catches up to me. Not only do I use Advil for my headaches (*Among OTC brands. *Use as directed), but for those that special monthly visits from Aunt Flow. It definitely relieves my back aches and cramps to get through my day.


Right now we are blessed with Winter Break – a time to relax and slow the pace for a bit. Nevertheless, we have an active winter break with local family events and the holidays approaching. Right now we’ve been having Las Posadas at church and lighting our Advent wreath at nights. As a Latina I feel we have so many traditions to create family memories. Those late night Posadas are fun, but definitely add to a long day before going to bed. Raising kids in America is sometimes hard to preserve our Latino heritage because our children lose interest in the culture. So I always attempt to enrich our lives with our Latino traditions throughout the year.


During the year, we are either busy with after-school activities like sports or clubs, church choir, religious education, or just my own personal agenda, I have to stay organized and on schedule. In order to do this, I have 3 things that I do for myself:

  • Day-to-Day To Do List
  • Daily Schedule
  • Monthly End Goals

How to create a family

I use my day-to-day To do List to make sure I prioritize things I need to get done during the day. Whether it is scheduling a doctor’s appointment, paying bills, replying to emails/texts, to my daily prayers and readings. This allows me to get things done and not just fumble through the day and wind up at the end of the day wishing I should’ve done this or that.

I always like writing a daily schedule, in order to keep my head on my shoulders. If not due to age, or just simply being too busy, I’ll forget. Hey, I even write down to pick up the kids because even working moms can forget to do that too from time to time. I start my schedule at 6am and try to wrap it up by 12 am. My days are long because I do a lot of my writing and personal things at the end of my day.

Last but not least I like writing out my monthly end goals to keep me on track. I once heard some wise advice that if you have goals, in order to achieve them it’s always best to write them down. That way you can see it and make it happen. Some of my monthly goals vary from financial, fitness, spiritual, or education goals. I like to write easy-to-reach goals, so I can actually accomplish them. Last year, for example, instead of writing I want to lose 10lbs. I would write 3lbs in a month, so it could be more doable than not meeting my 10lb goal and then being disappointed.

Doesn't let a headache from the love of the

With 2017 just around the corner, I also like to write down things I accomplished in 2016, even if they were minimal and then work on my 2017 yearly goals. So with Advil I am able to keep going and keep up with the daily tasks of life and parenting. You can find Advil at your local Walmart in the pain and fever aisle.

Cuales son unos de tus metas esto año? Share some of your to do lists, schedule, or goal organizing tips or ideas below!

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