A look back at 2015 as a Discovery Cube Mom

The last months of 2015 was all about enjoying the most of Discovery Cube in Santa Ana as a Discovery Cube Mom. It started with the grand expansion of the children’s science museum and it led us straight until the end of the year with the first ever Winter Wonderfest.

Discovery Cube OC Expansion

Discovery Cube’s home in Santa Ana was expanded to a 44,000 square-foot campus including a brand new coffee shop! Bean Sprouts Cafe features some of the healthiest foods around that also taste delicious, but for parents everywhere, the coffee is where it’s at.

Bean Sprouts Cafe at Discovery Cube in Santa Ana

The new Discovery Cube addition brings us new exhibits and a new theater that will house the always popular Bubblefest this coming Spring Break.

Hot Wheels: Race to Win Exhibit

Cars came alive in this new Hot Wheels exhibit with its hands-on demonstrations, experiments and so many Hot Wheels toys. Our favorite part was the Pit Stop Challenge where the kids had the opportunity to race against the clock to change tires and refuel the race car.

Hot Wheels exhibit at Discovery Cube

The exhibit is so popular that it was extended to January 18th! So make sure to stop by before it is gone.

Pumpkin Launch Event

We visited my alma mater in November for Discovery Cube’s annual Pumpkin Launch event.

Pumpkin Launch event at CalState Fullerton

After a month of celebrating Halloween and tons of pumpkin-related activities, the whole season went out with a bang by launching tons of pumpkins across a field, creating our own catapults, munching on some food truck goodies and watching a medieval fight.

Science of Gingerbread Event

We’ve been visiting Discovery Cube to check out all the cool gingerbread houses for years now… and 2015 was no different.

Science of Gingerbread exhibit at Discovery Cube

This year, the Science of Gingerbread got bigger thanks to the added space in the new Discovery Cube expansion. The exhibit featured rooms where kids got the opportunity to go inside a gingerbread house, learn about the science of sugar, and even try out their nose at different spices. On the weekends, visitors also had the opportunity to construct derby cars made from candy and race them as well. It was a great pre-cursor to the first evert Winter Wonderfest.

Winter Wonderfest

Winter Wonderfest was all about snow play and the science of snow. The kids got a chance to go down a 70 foot snow tubing slope, make snow balls, create ski slopes for ping pong balls and marbles, and go snow sledding. This $5 ticket add-on was so much fun and I really hope they do it again next year.

We had such a great year visiting Discovery Cube again and again. Each time, we left wondering what they would do next. Their endless sense of creativity and ingenuity has made us annual pass members and we can’t wait to see what they do in 2016.

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