Dole brings the “Spirit of Hawaii” to Rose Parade

I took the familia to get a sneak peak of Dole’s Rose Parade float, “Spirit of Hawaii” Since 1899 founder James Dole, traveled to Hawaii and feel in love with the island. This is why Dole celebrates Hawaii by creating a Rose Parade float encompassing the island’s history. Do you know float creators start planning next years floats weeks after this years are done? It takes an entire year to plan, create and make a float. “Spirit of Hawaii” is truly a float of love and dedication for Dole.

dole foods spirit of hawaii 2017 rose parade latina moms oc

rose parade 2017 dole foods

spirit of hawaii dole foods latina moms oc

The Spirit of Hawaii float will parade down Pasadena at 28 feet high and 55 feet long. It couldn’t be a Dole Foods float without some fruit on it. It will be decorated with fresh bananas, mangoes and of course pineapples. The float embodies Hawaii by including a 10 foot sculpture of King Kamehameha. He is adorned in leis of tuberose, crown flowers, and clover blossoms grown in Hawaiian for the Dole Packaged Foods float entry. Spirit of Hawaii will also include four waterfalls, one being the tallest in Rose Parade history. The volcano will feature live fire and smoke erupting up to 20 feet high. Pele, Goddess of wind, lighting, fire and volcanoes will be center stage bringing everything together. Drummers and hula dancers will provide live entertainment for Spirit of Hawaii.

dole foods jaya juice latina moms oc

dole foods fruitocract squeezable pouches latina moms oc

At “Spirit of Hawaii” Celebration we had a chance to try many of Dole’s products. I loved their Dole Jaya juices, specially the pineapple banana. It is made with 100% juice and no added sugar. The kids loved the Fruitocracy squeezable pouches. So many options and so convenient for busy mamitas. Dole makes sure to use fresh ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. Just like Hawaii, Dole wants to be all fresh and natural.

spirit of hawaii rose parade float 2017 latina moms oc

rose parade 2017 dole foods float spirit of hawaii latina moms oc

I hope you’ll join me and tune in to the Rose Parade and cheer on “Spirit of Hawaii.” Dole has won the Sweepstakes Trophy 5 times, here’s hoping they take it this year. The Rose Parade will be on Monday January 2nd, since it is never held on a Sunday. Since back in the early 1900’s, parade officials didn’t want the parade’s horses bothering churchgoers. This year will mark the 128th Rose Parade and how times have changed. One thing has not changed, the innovation and beauty of the Rose Parade. Floats and bands from all over the world will be participating this year. The parade starts at 8am and will encore all day January 2nd. My little big family will be watching like we do every year!

Dole Spirit of Hawaii Rose Parade float 2017 -

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