DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World

My seven-year-old and I joined the producer, director and phenomenal engineers of the DREAM BIG film for a special screening early this month at the California Science Center IMAX Theater. A MacGillivray Freeman film produced in partnership with American Society of Civil Engineers and presented by Bechtel Corporation, directed by Greg MacGillivray, produced by Shaun MacGillivray and narrated by Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges. The film has a running time of 42-minutes and is full of amazing graphics that make it come to life.


Whatever you think engineering is, you’ll probably think again…

The vision for the film is to inspire minorities and women, hoping to use this as a tool to encourage a career in engineering, and to inspire the next generation. DREAM BIG film is the best way to reach those and inspire them. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!


The film did a fascinating job at covering 2,000 years worth of history in 42-minutes. In fact, the film was full of powerful, incredible and  inspiring stories. Each engineer that was featured in the film brought something so special and important to the table. Most importantly, the producers, director and engineers did an exceptional job in presenting just how cool engineering can be. The film touched on how it isn’t just about creating an appealing structure or building, but instead displayed the importance of pursing this career with the purpose to help others.


Great Wall of China

Engineers have changed both everyday life and entire societies.

We had the pleasure of meeting Menzer Pehlivan, one of the engineers featured in the film. She was an excellent choice for the film. A Turkish-American who grew up wanting to be a movie star, and considered herself “girly’. What changed her mind? When she was a young girl a huge and tragic earthquake struck her hometown, losing thousands of people, it inspired her to pursue a career in engineering with the purpose to keep people safe.


Menzer Pehlivan

The DREAM BIG film was nothing short from motivating. My son came out of that theater knowing the importance of an engineer, the purpose and drive to want to inspire and help others. My son was captivated by the engineers willingness to do what is right and the risk taking they experienced along the way. A truly amazing film to bring so much light into a bright future for the next generation of engineers.


The Haiti Bridge. This was the first time they crossed the bridge to get to school.

The DREAM BIG film airs at the California Science Center IMAX Theaters on February 17, 2017. For show times and ticket information visit: California Science Center IMAX Theaters

Featured Engineers


Menzer Pehlivan, a Turkish-American engineer.

Steve Burrow, a British structural engineer.

Avery Bang, thrives in building bridges in underdeveloped countries.

Angelica Hernandez, a Mexican immigrant turned leading Arizona engineer.

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