How to host a Golden Birthday party

A person’s golden birthday is when they turn the age of their birth day (so for example, when someone who is born on the 3rd of the month turns 3). For me, this was when I turned 21, since my birthday is December 21st. I fell in love with the idea of celebrating a Golden Birthday and I FINALLY had my opportunity this year! My youngest turned 3 (he was born on the 3rd) and so he was my Golden Birthday guinea pig. I had a lot of fun with the Golden Birthday theme and I’m sharing these tips on decor, food and how to make it super gold!!!

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How to host a golden birthday party with lots of decoration ideas, dessert table ideas, and homemade treats made quickly and budget-friendly -

How to throw a Golden Birthday party

Golden Dessert Table

The dessert table included all golden snacks and goodies. I put them all in clear glass containers. Some I found inexpensively at the Dollar Tree and Party City. Others I found just by looking around the house (try asking friends too)! A glass cake stand and fruit bunch bowl will all work great too.

I purchased Goldfishes, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures, Twinkies, Golden OREOs, and Chocolate Gold Coins. Theses are easy to find in bulk at Smart N Final, Costco or Walmart. If you find individually packed Haribo Gold Bears, those would be a great addition.

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Golden birthday ideas for dessert table -

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Homemade goodies are also a great way to save money on your Golden Birthday Party. Here are a couple of quick suggestions for semi-homemade golden treats.

Golden Cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes (these can also be store bought), vanilla frosting, gold sprinkles and gold liners (you can get these at Walmart or Michael’s). I used box cake mix for cupcakes and frosted them – adding gold sprinkles on top. I used gold cupcake liners for added effect.

Golden Pretzel Rods: Dip pretzel rods in white chocolate and cover with gold sprinkles (again – Walmart or Michael’s have them). Lay on wax paper to dry.

golden birthday party easy dessert table ideas -

Golden Grahams Treats: These were a huge hit at our Golden Birthday Party!!! Make rice krispies treats using Golden Grahams cereal in place of Rice Krispies. I drizzled each with vanilla frosting and added gold edible beads. I found the edible beads at Walmart for $2.

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Golden Marshmellows: Marshmallows, white chocolate and gold sprinkles. I used square white marshmallows but cylinder large ones would work. Dip one side in melted white chocolate, then dip in gold sprinkles. Let dry. Super quick and easy!!!

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Cake: I made a vanilla box cake and frosted with store-bought frosting. I then covered the entire surface with gold edible spray. It took a couple of layers to get the gold color I wanted. You can find gold spray at specialty baker store or Michael’s. They usually run $5-$10 per can depending on quality. My cake was 8 inches, and I only used one can. You may also buy a white sheet cake and spray with gold edible spray for quick and easy gold cake. A gold candle was purchased at Party City for $2.

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Golden Decor

I was amazed at how easy it was to find gold decor. My go-to party decorating stores are Party City and Dollar Tree. I found gold fringe backdrops at Party City. I used two for my dessert table backdrop at $9 each. On a trip to Walmart I found tons of golden items in their party section. I found plates, cup, napkins, and utensils in gold all in $1 packets. Walmart also had gold tablecloths for $1 each. I found a metallic tablecloth for dessert table at Walmart for $3. It was a huge bargain! The shimmery gold Happy Birthday banner was also from Walmart for $4. The gold tassel banner was $8 at Walmart. I loved how it added an extra touch. Surprisingly, Walmart was the best spot for gold-colored items.

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The centerpieces were mason jars painted blue because the birthday party was for a boy. I found the foam sticker stars at Michaels. The golden number 3’s were cut out of gold foam sheets found at Micheals for $2 each. I cut four number 3s from each sheet then glued the numbers to craft sticks. For stability we added gold tissue paper inside mason jar.  A gold ribbon around rim added an extra touch. It was an easy inexpensive centerpiece.

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I found a cute “Golden Birthday Boy” and my son’s name on the T-Shirt via Etsy. The back side and side sleeve has the age.  He looked super cute and it’s a great memorabilia. You can find different designs on Etsy. A local shirt designer might be a faster and cheaper option. Prices vary by design and size.

Having a Golden Birthday is a fun unique way to celebrate your little one. It doesn’t have to be daunting and can be inexpensive. Since everything is a solid color decoration, it will run cheaper than character items. You can add a touch of blue or pink, which will match nicely. Our friends and family loved the theme and now can’t wait for the kids to have a Golden Birthday. I still have plenty of time to plan for my next baby’s Golden Birthday. Hope these tips will help make your Golden Birthday party a hit.

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