Visiting Green2Go, an all American organic food eatery in Brea

When I think of organic I automatically think bland and pricey – this is not the case with green2Go (aka G2G). G2G is an upscale fast casual restaurant with farm to table menu offerings, including a wine/beer bar, meal prep and desserts. This small Brea restaurant set itself out since its initiation to be different. It was started to fill the need for healthy fast food.

green 2 go organic american food latina moms oc

G2G was founded by two moms who couldn’t find healthy fast food restaurants. So many moms can relate to that same need. Rushing from event to event and wanting to feed your little ones something besides the local fast food junk place. Green2Go is exactly what moms would want to feed their kids and not feel guilty.

g2g organic fast food latina moms oc

g2g organic gluten-free fast food latina moms oc

G2G was founded in 2008 as a collaboration by Joulia and Anita. I got to chit-chat and drink some awesome wine with Anita about her restaurant. Right off the top I could tell that Anita cared a lot about what G2G’s purpose. After searching, she could not find truly healthy, clean, and delicious food for her children, so Anita and Joulia created Green2Go to fill the void of quick and convenient food that families could trust. They knew it was all about organic clean food that could be appealing for adults and kids. This is why their menu is all-American food like hamburgers, tacos, mac-n-cheese, salads, and sandwiches.

green2go hamburgers organic fast food

We visited for dinner and the hubby, being a burger lover, ordered the grass-fed organic beef burger. An awesome concept of Green2Go is the build your own burger. You can have it with a variety of buns and add whatever fixings. He had it medium-well done with grilled onions, bacon, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and asparagus. Yes, they had asparagus as an add-on. The burger was on our table quickly and looking oh so good. The meat was juicy and exactly how he wanted it. Man-o-man what a difference grass-fed organic beef makes. G2G also offers turkey, salmon, garden and bison burgers.

green2go brea organic fast food in brea latina moms oc

I wanted to try everything on the menu and kinda did. I started with a tri tip taco. Their tacos are served one per order and are big enough to fill you up. The tri tip is only seasoned with salt and pepper letting the meat be center stage. They serve the taco with a kale slaw and the yummiest house made vinaigrette. I loved how they flame charred their corn tortillas giving the taco an extra layer of flavor.

g2g gluten-free macaroni n cheese latina moms oc

After the taco, I had their house specialty macaroni and cheese. I was a bit skeptical but Anita said it was a “must try.” It is gluten-free and made with jack and cheddar cheese. They added bacon as an extra for me since I love that combo. Again it was on our table fast and looking Instagram picture ready. I had to stop the hubby from eating it right away in order to take some pics. I had never had gluten-free macaroni and I could not taste any difference. I devoured that macaroni so fast, and Anita was right, it is a must at Green2Go.

green2go brea fast food organic latina moms oc

organic fast food in orange county latina moms oc

Green2Go’s baked goods area made in house and organic. They offer gluten-free items like their flour-less chocolate cake. It is a dense cake similar to brownies. Served with vanilla ice-cream and a raspberry reduction. I am total banana bread freak. I always have frozen bananas ready to make some. Anita was giving me some tips on what makes their gluten-free banana bread extra yummy. They use completely black bananas to make their house-made bread. I had to take some home and even after three days later it was still as good.

g2g bar local beers fresh ingredients latina moms oc

g2g full bar with many wines latina moms oc

Now onto the drinks. Green2Go has a complete bar stocked with local beers and wines. They have a wall full of taps that they carry. Their beers are from local breweries that use fresh ingredients. They had a coffee beer which the hubby found really good to drink with his dessert. His favorite was Dead Santa a brown ale made here in Orange County. Anita and I drank her favorite zinfandel. Note: Green2Go offers half off their wines every Wednesday. Their bar area is a great place to hang out after work and have a good local beer with friends.

green2go healthy fast food in orange county latina moms oc

green2go kids friendly organic fast food latina moms oc

g2g family friendly healthy fast food latina moms oc

The hubby and I loved the chill atmosphere of Green2Go. They have a wall full of books, crayons and board games for kids. Their decor is lay back and so colorful. The walls are covered in paintings by local artist. Green2Go even has a Dine&Art nite every month. The next one is February 27. Green2Go is located in Brea in a corner location with plenty of outdoor seating. There is a water feature right in front which would be perfect for sunny days. Grab a healthy lunch with the family and let the kids run free outside. Green2Go has flavorful food which is also good for you. Their motto is “Eat Clean Live Longer,” and they do it justice.

2435 E Imperial Hwy, Ste A
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 482-2130

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  1. Angel
    02/13/2017 at 12:06 am (11 months ago)

    Hi my name is Angel Galeana…I met Belinda Espinoza at the Hispanic chamber of Commerce…I would like to contact her to know more about the Latinas mom business and share with you also my business. It would be awesome if we can work together

  2. Jenny
    02/14/2017 at 8:31 am (11 months ago)

    It’s now on my To Go list! Love the meal prep option they have now!


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