Knott’s Merry Farm Must See Shows – Plus Seasonal Treats

The holiday season is upon us and with it all the fun activities at Knott’s Merry Farm. Every year Merry Farm gets bigger and better. Right from the entrance the decor and music gets you in the mood for the Christmas Season. You can expect to find the Peanuts gang in festive outfits ready for a picture at the big water tower at entrance. Talking about photo-ops there are tons of beautiful places to get some great Christmas card pics. Camp Snoopy is always our first stop since the kiddos love all the rides. After standing in the ride lines the kiddos need a break. This is my clue to look for a show. Shows are the best way to sit and recoup. During Knott’s Merry Farm you can expect to find the best shows. Here are my top pick shows, plus some extra tips.

knotts merry farm 2017 what to expect knotts merry farm peanuts gang photo ops socallivingmividaloca.comCalico Saloon Christmas Show

This show was a complete shocker for us. We had never seen a show at the Calico Saloon and didn’t know what to expect. Well we were happy to have popped in. It’s a small space for a such a fun and exciting Can Can show. There is a live band, great singing, and high kicking dancers. There is limited sitting space but plenty of standing room on the 2nd floor. The show is fast paced with all your classic Christmas songs. The dancers are amazing with their Can Can kicks and spins.  Grab a chair or rest up against the back wall while you grab a Knott’s yummy cream soda at the soda counter. The show runs for 15-20 minutes at Calico Saloon.

knotts merry farm 2017 must watch shows socallivingmividaloca.comknotts merry farm christmas show calico saloon socallivingmividaloca.comA Peanuts Guide to Christmas

This is a must see with little ones. The Peanuts gang is all here and ready to get in the Christmas spirit. Charlie Brown has a three step advice on getting ready for Christmas. They take classic Christmas songs and give them a Peanuts gang make over.  12 Days of Christmas with all the things the gang actually wants. This show is a definite classic and perfect for getting a break while in Camp Snoopy. I love how the gang at the end reaffirm that Christmas is about being with family and loved ones. A great family-friendly show with plenty of sitting space. Arrive 20 minutes before show since it fills up quickly. Show last 15 minutes and is located in Camp Snoopy Theater.

knotts merry farm peanuts guide to christmas 2017 must see during merry farm socallivingmividaloca.comknotts merry farm 2017 best shows to watch at knotts berry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comknotts berry farm best shows during knotts merry farm 2017 peanuts theater socallivingmividaloca.comMerry Christmas, Snoopy! Ice Show

This is the most classic Knott’s Merry Farm show. It should always be on your to-do list during the holidays. It changes every year which assures you a new experience. This year the show went back in time to the 1920s, bringing some beautiful costumes and scenes. Snoopy dressed as Santa Claus is always an audience favorite. The ice skating tricks are fascinating to watch and keep you on edge of seat. The caliber of the show is amazing for a theme park experience. This is a fan favorite so expect long lines, arrive minimum 30 minutes before showtime. The theater is indoor and with comfy seats, a perfect show for after lunch. Show last 20-30 minutes and is at Charles Schulz Theater.

knotts berry farm christmas shows snoppys ice show must do and see at knotts socallivingmividaloca.comknotts berry farm christmas ice skating show snoopys ice show at knotts merry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comknotts berry farm 2017 ice skating show snoopy on ice knotts berry farm snoopys show on ice christmas show at knotts merry farm 2017 a must watch show socallivingmividaloca.comIt’s the Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown

This was our first time seeing this show and I wondered Why? It is a great night show. We saw it right before we left the park and it was a perfect way to end our day at Knott’s Merry Farm. As the title says, it is the merriest show ever. The Peanuts gang is all involved in putting on this Christmas production. This ends up being a combination of famous Christmas tunes with high energy dancing. The show is outdoors and at night, so bring a jacket and grab a cafecito. If you want to get a seat arrive 45 minutes before or there is plenty of standing room. Make sure to stay till the end for the snow fall. The kiddos loved it and was a great picture moment. Show runs for 20 minutes and is located at Calico Mine Stage.

knotts berry farm christmas shows must watch and do at knotts merry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comknotts merry farm 2017 merriest christmas show ever must watch and do shows socallivingmividaloca.comknotts berry farm christmas shows that are a must see and do during knotts merry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comknotts berry farm merriest christmas show a must do for knotts merry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comknotts merry farm 2017 a great family friendly place for the holiday season in orange county socallivingmividaloca.comKnott’s Merry Farm is a great time to grab a seat and watch some awesome shows. While you watch the shows you will need something to munch on. No problem!! Santa’s Christmas Cabin has all the Om-goodness you expect from Knott’s. Grab a cafecito and tamal. They have a green and red chili tamales which are both freakin amazing, just don’t tell your grandma. The chocolate covered cheesecake is always a fun dessert for the kiddos. Since it is Santa’s cabin you can’t go wrong with milk and cookies. I personally loved the roasted almonds which were perfection. Nothing beats a sweet treat while watching an amazing Christmas show.

knotts berry farm seasonal food to eat during knotts merry farm 2017 christmas season in orange county socallivingmividaloca.comknotts berry farm has tamales during knotts merry farm 2017 great seasonal foods for christmas season socallivingmividaloca.comknotts merry farm foods to eat during the christmas season in knotts berry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comknotts merry farm seasonal food during christmas season in knotts berry farm 2017 socallivingmividaloca.comThis holiday season make sure to visit Knott’s Merry Farm which is here till January 7th. If you are thinking of getting a 2018 season pass this is the best time to buy, since you get one free visit for 2017. Use it for Merry Farm to get into the holidays. We sure did! Once we left Knott’s Merry Farm, we blasted Christmas tunes all the way home. It was a great family day spent getting into the Christmas spirit.

knotts berry farm a great family friendly place to visit during the holiday season a must do in orange county for holidays 2017 knotts berry farm

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