Mission:BREAKOUT! Opens for “Summer of Heroes” at California Adventure

We were so excited to be invited to be one of the first to ride Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! As many Disney fans, we were sad to see Hollywood Tower of Terror be replaced. It had become a must ride when visiting California Adventure. The consensus was they better put something way better. I am here to tell you that Disney Imagineers outdid themselves because Mission:BREAKOUT is AWESOME!!

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout disney california adventure latinamomsoc.commission breakout at disney california adventure for summer of heroes latinamomsoc.comThe new tower is colorful and a vivid stark contrast to the dark exterior of before. The basics are all still there. The grand lobby entrance and back room entrance to elevator shaft. Now it is all themed as Taneleer Tivan Fortress aka The Collector. The lobby is full of cages with all the things he has collected from all the galaxies. Expect to wait hours to ride Mission: BREAKOUT but a quick tip spend your time finding all the hidden Easter eggs. The interactive Cosmo is a great spot for a picture. Also while you wait The Collector has a special video for his visitors.

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout disneyland latinamomsoc.commission breakout disney california adventure latinamomsoc.comguardians of the galaxy mission breakout california adventure summer of heroes latinamomsoc.comAfter the lobby you are lead into Tivan’s private room. Here The Collector wants to get more acquainted with you, WAIT who is there the sneaky Rocket. He needs our assistance in breaking free the Guardians from The Collector’s Fortress. In short he needs our hand print to open the latches. Then we are ready to head to the Gantry Lift where we all take our seats. Raise your hand to open the latches and get ready for the non-stop thrill.

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout disney summer of heroes latinamomsoc.commission breakout california adventure summer of heroes latinamomsoc.comyeti on mission breakout at california adventure guardians of the galaxy ride latinamomsoc.comGuardians of the Galaxy is known for its 80’s and 90’s music and this is how we start the ride. “Hit me with your best shot,” is played loud and it gets you hyped for what’s coming. A big contrast from before where it was gloomy and scary. I was dancing as soon as the doors closed. Remember to keep your hands up to help Rocket. An amazing tip when you ride is to lift your feet to get the full effect of the drops. It will get your bottom off your seat and feel like you are floating. The thrill of rising and all of a sudden dropping are made better by the upbeat music. During each quick stop we get a glimpse at how the Guardians are escaping from Tivan’s Fortress. All the scenes are action filled with Gamora, Drax and Star-Lord fighting monsters.

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout disneyland latinamomsoc.comThe best part of Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! is that each time you ride it will be different. There are six experiences each with a song from Star-Lords mixtape. Each one also has a different Mission: BREAKOUT video sequence. This is similar to Star Tours in Disneyland, where each tour can take you to different Star Wars location. MIssion:BREAKOUT! will not disappoint.  Also don’t be surprised if afterwards you are still jamming to the music and free-fall experience.

Disney California Adventure is stepping it up this season with “Summer of Heroes.” Now with Marvel being part of Disney it was just a matter of time that super heroes make an appearance. Now you can find Marvel heroes at Hollywood Backlot ready for photo ops. Plus one of my favorite Guardians, Groot will also be there. We know that Star-Lord loves his music so he is bringing the party to California Adventure. Him and Gamora are throwing the Awesome Dance Off!! Join them to show off your dance moves. In Avengers Training Initiative Black Widow and Hawkeye test young recruits to see if they are capable to join the Avengers. Perfect for little ones! While they get their training you can grab a quick snack or better a glass of wine at the Hollywood Backlot food trucks. Black Widow will also be making surprise appearances riding her Avengers jeep for pictures and autographs. Summer of Heroes is just the beginning of a bigger presence of Marvel at Disney Resort.

summer of heroes california adventure 2017 latinamomsoc.comcaptain america photo ops at summer of heroes california adventure latinamomsoc.comavengers summer of heroes at california adventure 2017 latinamomsoc.comsummer of heroes at california adventure 2017 avengers training latinamomsoc.commarvel merchandize at summer of heroes california adventure latinamomsoc.comIf there is something I get excited the most about Disneyland is the FOOD! This Summer of Heroes they stepped up their game. Disney has also incorporated the food truck craze with Studio Catering Co. at Hollywood Land. This is the place to get some of the best quick bites during Summer of Heroes. The Most Dangerous Tacos in the Galaxy are amazing. A green tortilla filled with juicy beef barbacoa topped with a crunchy slaw and mild salsa. They pair perfectly with a refreshing margarita also offered at Studio Catering Co. Try Obviously Nachos with green chips, chicken, and mild cheese sauce. Another novelty foodie find is the Groot Sourdough, at Fairfax Market. If you want something vegetarian try the Savory Strength Falafel Pita, to see how it’s made and for other goodies check the video below

the most dangerous barbacoa tacos in the galaxy at disney california adventure summer of heroes latinamomsoc.comobviously nachos at summer of heroes california adventure 2017 latinamomsoc.comgroot sourdough bread at disney california adventure summer of heroes 2017 latinamomsoc.comI have a huge sweet tooth and the extra large hero themed donuts at Schmoozies are perfect. They will be rotating between Hulk, Captain America and Spiderman ones until 11am. At Award Wieners don’t miss the Angry Little Pudding Cup filled with pudding, whipped cream and funnel cake fries. Popcorn is a must while strolling the park and their new Guardians of the Galaxy tub is perfect combo of snack and souvenir. Grab a drink in the Groot Sipper, an extra special souvenir. These will run out super fast so don’t wait.

donuts at summer of heroes 2017 disney california adventure latinamomsoc.comsummer of heroes at disney latinamomsoc.comfood for summer of heroes at disney california adventure latinamomsoc.comguardians of the galaxy popcorn tub at summer of heroes 2017 latinamomsoc.comgroot sipper at disney california adventure latinamomsoc.comSummer of Heroes is all going on at Disney California Adventure till September 10th. There is something for the entire family. The little ones will love the Heroic Encounters where they can take a pic and shake hands with their fave super heroes. The Guardians Dance Party is great for the niños to get their wiggles out. The Avengers Training is perfect to entertain the kiddos while mom and dad take a break. The New Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! thrill ride will be perfect for adults and young ones who dare. Their Imagineers keep us on our toes with innovative attractions and shows. Even if you are a season pass holder Disney never gets old. We are lucky to have such a great themed park in our back yard. This summer head out to California Adventures and be part of the new chapter with Summer of Heroes.

summer of heroes 2017 at disney california adventure latinamomsoc.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yseNzRYDz84

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