Monster Academy is full of Spooky Science at Discovery Cube

Spooky Science is back at Discovery Cube Orange County. This year their theme is Monster Academy. The kids are learning about science without even realizing it. Discovery Cube is huge in implementing STEM into their exhibits and with Spooky Science it is everywhere. Each section is based on a monster and their spooky abilities. Here are our three favorite sections.

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Tractor Trails

The little ones could be here all day. Tractor Trails is lined with hay stacks, pumpkins and scarecrows. To make it even better a giant Mickey pumpkin which is great for photo-ops.  The mini-tractors are for kids five and younger. They drive around picking up fruits and veggies, then sort them by colors in the fruit stands. Be ready to wait in line since this is a kid favorite.

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Slime Making

Come and hang out with the Blob and make some slimy slime. Slime has been part of many monster movies and most popular with The Blob. Here you can learn how slime is a type of polymer. Polymers are large chains of molecules made of repeating chains. White glue is a type of polymer making it a perfect component for slime. At Spooky Science kids can choose between three different types of slime, puffy, white and clear. Each helper gets to take home a baggie with slime.

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Monster Academy Show Talent Show

Join all the spooky monsters at the stage for a fun learning experience. Each of the little monster will showcase their special talents. Frankenstein was so much fun showing how electricity works. Make sure to raise you hand since audience participation is a must. Kids can take part in a race to see who can wrap their Mummies fastest. The ghost monster will show how an easy optical illusion can transform any living person into a ghost. Make sure to grab a seat at any of the four Monster Academy Shows.

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Spooky Science is a  great event for entire family. The little ones will enjoy the Tractor Trails while bigger kids get their hands dirty at the slime station. There is also a skeleton display and Skelle the most humerus to teach kids about body anatomy. Bolton, the most energetic, is there to help kids learn about circuits. At the Jack-o-Lantern patch make your own with different magnetic shapes. The witch levitation trick is awesome to get a perfect Instagram pic. No extra ticket is required for Monster Academy, it’s included in your Discovery Cube general admission pass. Don’t miss on all the spooky activities at Discovery Cube till October 31st.

spooky science halloween family friendly activities in orange county 2017

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