Park Ave restaurant in Stanton, CA

What’s more exciting than trying some greens that were grown in a restaurant’s own garden? This is just one of the appetizers you can try at Park Ave restaurant in Stanton. Park Ave is located right off the 22 freeway on Beach Blvd in the city of Stanton. Park Ave is a very inviting restaurant that is easy to find and the décor inside makes it feel cozy and elegant at the same time. I attended Park Ave for lunch with my best friend and we were very excited to try out the salmon for our main course but first we started out with some appetizers.

Park Ave in Stanton, CA //

The first appetizer we tried was the PAG Crispy Greens which are made up of chard, spinach, tatsoi, parmesan, sea salt and a wedge of lemon for additional seasoning. My friend and I highly enjoyed the fresh greens and they were so tasty that they didn’t even need the splash of lemon. The parmesan was enough to give it a great taste.

Crispy Green salad //

We then tried the Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella which included PAG Basil and balsamic vinaigrette. It had fresh mozzarella cheese with slices of seasoned tomatoes. It was delicious and healthy as well. It’s a great alternative to other restaurants cheese sticks which can add on the pounds. I found that the appetizers we ordered sat very well in our stomach as they were healthy and low in calories. No one wants to ruin a main course by eating heavy appetizers that spoil the appetite. You can find other healthy appetizers such as the tomato soup and cauliflower dishes which also sparked my interest for a future visit.

Tomato Buffalo Mozzarella appetizer //

My friend and I stay away from eating meat so we both decided we would try some of the salmon dishes for our main courses. I chose the Jim Harper’s Salmon Salad which consisted of blackened salmon, romaine lettuce and diced granny smith apples while my friend ordered the 5 Spiced Baked Salmon which was seasoned with sage ranch honey mustard and included steamed brown rice and spinach.

Salmon entree //

My salad was seasoned perfectly and my friend added that her meal was very healthy and she felt that she chose the right dish. My friend also mentioned that her piece of salmon was a great size and that is when I noticed my salmon was also a very nice large size as well. We both finished our main courses and left room for dessert. My friend ordered the peanut butter ice cream and I ordered the chocolate ice cream. The restaurant has a large selection of dessert which includes cobbler, warm bread pudding and chocolate gingerbread cake to name a few. I will definitely try the warm bread pudding next time I return.

Park Ave dessert //

Sometimes what makes a meal extra satisfying is what drinks you pair it with to fully enjoy the food’s flavor. I like to drink wine with a fine meal such as that at Park Ave so I went ahead and ordered a glass of their 2011 Merlot that originates in Pietra Santa in Cienaga Valley. I looked up the location and the wine is made in Central California. I usually order a glass of Merlot with my meals or as a standalone drink and this glass was the smoothest Merlot I’ve ever tasted. Sometimes Merlot can have a bitter taste but this wine tasted great and went well with the healthy meal choices we made. I told my sister about it when I got home and she immediately looked up the winery where it’s made. It was that good. I highly recommend you try it. My friend ordered a virgin Margarita as she does not drink alcohol and she really enjoyed it as well.

Peanut Butter ice cream //

I cannot stress enough how welcoming this restaurant was and how courteous the staff was with us. They provided excellent service and some of the things they did were make sure our water glasses were always full and they cleared our empty plates in an efficient timely manner.

I am definitely returning to this restaurant in the future and hope you will give it a try as well.

Park Ave
11200 Beach Blvd
Stanton, CA 90680

Open Tuesday thru Friday at 11:00am
Saturday & Sunday at 4pm
Closed Mondays

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