Pretend City Super Powers exhibit is now open

It is time to suit up and bring your little super heroes to Pretend City. This summer, it is all about the Pretend City Super Powers exhibit.Your little one can prove to you that indeed they are a Super Hero. They will be able to suit up as their favorite hero, fly, maneuver under laser beams, create their own comic strip and much more.

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Pretend City Super Powers exhibit

Pretend City’s Super Powers exhibit was created with the sole idea of proving that every child is a superhero. They truly have Super Powers to make this world a better place. This exhibit will help them find out what those powers are. The Zip-line will help show their courage and strength. When they reach the other side they will stand a bit taller knowing they did that by themselves. My six year old who is a bit hesitant to try things definitely had a confidence boost when he finished. I loved seeing his big-ol smile and him saying he wanted to do it again.

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My kids spent a great deal of time on the Comic Creation Station. This is a perfect spot for creative kids to show their Power. There are different scenes and the kids use magnetic props of heroes, villains, and sayings to create a comic. My kids are all into sharks right now, it is summer, so their comic obviously was about them. I loved how Pretend City did not just focus on valor, strength, speed but also the power of imagination.

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The Rope Maze and Wind Tunnel are also part of the attractions in the Super Power exhibit. The Rope Maze is great for little ones since they can crawl around and avoid the ropes, aka lasers. Adults and kids will have a blast at the Wind Tunnel. This feature uses a green screen and wind simulators to show how it feels to fly like a superhero. The kids loved wearing their capes and putting their hands out like a superhero.

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Pretend City Super Powers exhibit is a must for this summer. Kids of all ages will love it and you will end up being their superhero. Pretend City is also offering $1 off admission for wearing a superhero costume during the exhibit. Make sure to bring snacks and drinks since your little ones will want to spend all day here. I never heard a, “mommy I am bored” from my kids –  which is a win for this superhero mom. At the end of the day your little one will have proven that they truly have Super Powers, but you already knew that.

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Dates: June 21st – September 18th

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