Celebrate International Sushi Day with Roku Sushi Newport Beach

We were invited for dinner to Sushi Roku Newport Beach in Fashion Island to celebrate their second anniversary and International Sushi Day. The food was tasty, the presentation was flawless, and the drinks were refreshing and full of flavor. Beyond that, the service was remarkable. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the evening as we savored the contemporary Japanese cuisine Sushi Roku has to offer and sipped on a tasty cocktail or two. This was a perfect spot to enjoy a date night with my husband.

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International Sushi Day Specials

In celebration of International Sushi Day, Roku Sushi Newport Beach will offer 50% off their entire food menu on Monday, June 19th and Tuesday, June 20th. This offer is only valid for dine-in and dinner. They will also be offering a Special Anniversary Menu now through Tuesday, June 20th.

View their full menu here.

Second Anniversary Menu

Uni Toast – Japanese Bread, Uni, Japanese Garlic Butter Sauce, Red Caviar, Green Caviar, Black Caviar

Tuna Pizza – Flour Tortilla, Marinated Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Wasabi Aioli, (Bacon or Crispy Mushroom), Balsamic Reduction, Chili Serano, Kaiware Sprouts

Bamboo Seafood Risotto – Bamboo Rice, Prawns, Calamari, Scallops, Shimeji Mushrooms, Butter Shallot Chicken Stock, Reggiano Parmesan Cheese, Black Truffles

Kuma Roll – Crab mix, Avocado, Smelt eggs, Salmon, Maui onions, Bonito flakes, Roasted garlic onion sauce

Summer Ramen – Bincho Grilled Prawns (Garlic, Salt and Pepper), Cucumber, Micro Cilantro, Poached Egg, Crispy Mushroom, Baby Frisee, Miso Sesame Soy Sauce, Ramen Egg Noodles

Anniversary Roku Fusion – Svedka Vodka, Pineapple, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Watermelon Dry Ice, served with a bamboo straw

Carnival Cake – Cotton Candy, New York Cheese Cake, Strawberries, Bacardi 151 Rum
Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

Specialty Cocktail

“Anniversary Roku Fusion” made with Svedka Vodka, Pineapple, Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Watermelon. It was just as delicious as it sounds. I am not big on sweet and fruity drinks, but this combination was so amazingly poured every sip was refreshing.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

Appetizers, Dishes, Sushi Rolls and Anniversary Menu Items

Check out some of the appetizing dishes that were prepared for us at Sushi Roku’s two year anniversary cocktail party we attended last week.

“Hanabi” Spicy tuna on bed of crispy rice. This dish was my favorite! The crunch on the rice was perfection.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

“Kuma roll” crafted with Snow Crab, Avocado, Smelt Eggs, Salmon, Maui Onions, Bonito Flakes, and Roasted Garlic Purée.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

“Summer Ramen” Bincho Charcoal Prawns, Cucumber, Poached Egg, Crispy Mushroom, Baby Frisée, Miso Sesame Spy, Ramen Egg noodles.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

“Tuna Pizza” Marinated Tuna, Wasabi Aioli, Crispy Mushroom, Balsamic Reduction, Serrano Chili, Kalware Sprouts, Spicy Tuna on a Flour Crust.

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“Halibut + Cumquat” the Halibut practically melted in your mouth, it was so tasty and fresh.

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“Carnival Cake” Cotton Candy, New York Cheese Cake, Strawberries, Bacardi 151 Rum. Everything in this dessert is YUM! The presentation is one to turn heads. The cheesecake is inside of the cotton candy and is only revealed once a side of it is lit on fire.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

About Sushi Roku Newport Beach

Sushi Roku has been credited for being the pioneer of contemporary sushi, with a diverse menu that unites traditional Japanese cuisine and vibrant global flavors with the seasonal bounty our California landscape provides. Sushi Roku uses the finest, freshest fish from around the globe with the kind of artistry that can only be executed by a seasoned sushi chef to ensure an unparalleled sushi experience. Certified sake sommeliers and mixologists have crafted a diverse and exceptional beverage menu to complement the cuisine. The restaurant’s inventive, globally inspired Japanese cuisine is overseen by Executive Sushi Chef Hiroshi Shima.

327 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

This is the perfect go to spot for a date night, girls night, or any night! Sushi Roku Newport Beach has happy hour daily from 3:00 pm- 6:00 pm. Yup, you heard that right, daily! Click over to check out their awesome happy hour menu.

Sushi Roku Newport Beach-LatinaMomsOC.com

For more information about Sushi Roku’s menu and other locations, click here.

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