Try rolled ice cream at Stax Cookie Bar

Stax Cookie Bar has been open for business across the street from UC Irvine for the last two years. They are an ice cream shop that uses natural ingredients in their ice cream and cookies. Their ice cream is also all natural and growth-hormone free! Their cookies are made in-house and baked fresh all day and are made with non-GMO certified organic flour. They also offer cookies that are gluten-free and some of their ice cream flavors are non-dairy.

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My niece and I have been following the rolled ice cream trend for a while now and wanted to try it out for ourselves. We also love ice cream in general and because Stax Cookie Bar offers their products with natural ingredients, we knew they’d be a hit.

One thing you will notice at Stax Cookie Bar is that it has a very extensive menu with several options that include rolled ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, milk shakes and waffles, amongst others. I had a tough time choosing something to try because I am a chocolate lover and there were several options.

Rolled Ice Cream

I decided to try out the Creamrito which is a rolled ice cream priced at $8.25. I went with the cookie flavor which is a vanilla ice cream with cookie frosting. You can add your own flavor ice cream for the rolled part (I chose chocolate). My creation was a vanilla flavored ice cream wrapped in chocolate ice cream and topped with chocolate chip cookies. I skipped the whipped cream.

This ice cream is a large serving size, so it’s best to be shared with someone else. I shared it with my niece and we both devoured the whole serving. Like I mentioned before, it wasn’t very sweet and tasted like natural ice cream. We liked it and would recommend it to any chocolate lover.

My niece decided to try the Duo Layer Rolls which is a rolled ice cream that includes two flavors and some toppings and whipped cream. This creation will cost you $7.25. She chose strawberry and green tea flavor with fresh strawberries as the topping and whipped cream. She said you could taste the tea flavor and it reminded her of days when she would drink tea with her great-grandma.


There are so many options at Stax Cookie Bar that it’s almost a guarantee that you will have to visit multiple times to taste all the flavors. The manager recommended that we try out the waffles that are used for some of their creations, so we tried out the chocolate chip waffle and it was so fresh and chewy. I would highly recommend a waffle creation because you can tell the waffles are made fresh daily. They offer waffle sandwiches and waffles can also be ordered by themselves.


A fellow blogger ordered a Smookie which is warm soft cookie dough topped with ice cream and hot fudge or caramel. They will cost you $4.95 and come in many flavors. We would recommend this chocolate cookie with coffee ice cream topped with caramel and hot fudge.


One thing I liked about Stax Cookie Bar is that they have a large assortment of cookies with flavors including chocolate chip, red velvet, M&Ms, oatmeal raisin and snickerdoodle. They also offer a rotating selection of other flavors. All cookies are baked with organic flour (which speaks volumes to Stax Cookie Bar’s commitment to well-made desserts).

Stop by Stax Cookie Bar next time you are in the Irvine area to try out their rolled ice cream and their delicious fresh cookies. There is something for everyone and you can keep it simple like we did, or add as many toppings as you’d like to sweeten up the deal.

Stax Cookie Bar

University Center (across from UC Irvine)
4187 Campus Drive, Suite M174
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 861-2055

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