“Storks” will give you baby fever

My family and I attended a special screening Storks at Warner Bros Studios. The kids and I have been looking forward to this movie after watching the trailers. I didn’t know what the movie was going to be about, so it was nice to see that it was a refreshing and uplifting tale about family.

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The character, “Tulip,” voiced by Katie Crown, is introduced as the geeky one-of-a-kind clumsy human that makes things worse when she tries to help. “Tulip” is an orphan and the only human up at Stork mountain. She was an orphan because “Jasper” the stork, voiced by Danny Trejo, didn’t deliver his baby “Tulip” after falling in love with her and keeping her.

The movie starts with the Storks moving from baby delivering to package delivering. It was an innovative twist to the story plot. I actually never saw that coming from what I saw on the previews. After Tulip creates a mess, her and Junior partner up to save the day and deliver the “Baby.” “Junior,” is voiced by Adam Samberg, and he did a great job. His voice fits the character so well, down to every mood. Junior is the top delivery stork, who is up for a promotion by his boss “Hunter”, voiced by Kelsey Grammer, who then tries to clean up the mess that “Tulip” got them into.

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In another scene, we meet this little boy “Nate” voice by Anton Starkman, who wants a baby brother to play with him since his realtor parents are always busy and working. So he stumbles upon an old stork baby delivery brochure, which he uses to write a letter and order up a baby brother. This is the baby that is created and is being delivered by Junior and Tulip.

The movie’s animations are excellent. We watched and enjoyed it in 2D, so if you decide to watch it in 3D you’ll be in for a real treat. I really enjoyed the same type of character features that can be found in Looney Tunes and other Warner Bros animations. Some of the movie characters remind me of the good ol’ Warner Bros animation days.

What I liked the most about the movie was the story theme surround the value of family. The fact that family could come in different shapes and sizes. Diversity is what makes family and it doesn’t necessarily have to be biological, family is who you grew up with and love.

I think everybody will agree that you will have baby fever at the end of the movie. The babies are just the cutest throughout the movie. Watching them come out different shapes, sizes, color is a true fact in our diverse world. Everybody loves their family and we are all different but have a common factor of family and love that brings us together. All life starts with a beautiful one-of-a-kind baby that belongs to those special parents who choose to raise and love the baby.

Storks movie review

storks review

I encourage you to #FindYourFlock and don’t miss it when it hits the theater on September 23, 2016. It is recommended for all ages up to the age of 13.

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Thank you Warner Bros. Pictures for hosting our family for a fun Storks event. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


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