Ten things to do at “CHILL” at the Queen Mary

If you are looking for the perfect date night this winter season, then you will have to visit CHILL at the Queen Mary, an ice adventure park modeled after the largest ice adventure park in Vienna, Austria and also another one in Moscow, Russia. Because Christmas is celebrated throughout the world, you will notice that at CHILL this year are various countries represented such as Holland, China, Russia, Germany and Switzerland.

You don’t need to leave the country to experience this winter wonderland!!! This place is also good for families because there are family-friendly activities such as decorating stockings and listening to a Christmas story from Mrs. Claus while drinking hot chocolate. Then of course, there’s lots of fun stuff that makes it the perfect date night!

Ten things to do at CHILL at the Queen Mary

Go ice tubing

I cannot stress enough how fun this ride was for me and my date. We rode it twice because it made us laugh so hard and the second time I even raced him. I like how unpredictable this ride is because you don’t travel straight down. The tube ends up swirling on the way down, so it makes it that much more exciting! Just remember to hang on tight and keep your feet up since you might touch the side rails as the ride twists down the slope.

Ice tubing at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Ice tubing at Chill for date night - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Try a Bavarian German pretzel

Visit the Germany section of the park for a Bavarian German pretzel! This pretzel was delicious and it’s a pretty big portion – enough for two people. The best part is that it only costs $5 and you can choose between three sauces. You can try a German cream cheese or two different types of mustards.

German pretzels at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.comGerman pretzels at Queen Mary - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Ride the world’s largest rocking horse

And as long as you’re still in Germany, stop and ride the world’s largest rocking horse. While you are up there, a park employee can take your picture. This ride only fits two people, so it is the perfect place to take your date. You have to walk up a staircase to get to the top and come down the same way. If you are scared of heights, then I don’t recommend it. It also sways back and forth, so be prepared for a little bit of motion while you’re up there. This ride, like the ice tubing made us laugh so hard. It was funny because we didn’t know what to expect and we laughed at our nervousness.

Rocking horse at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Play ice shuffle board

My boyfriend found the ice shuffle board so intriguing because he explained to me that they have a similar game in the Olympics called “curling.” He found another guest to play against who was also there with his girlfriend and we ended up just watching our boyfriends let out their competitive edge. My boyfriend ended up losing by half a point, but he very much enjoyed playing. It’s a fairly easy game so anyone can play. You have to wear some special shoe support. The park attendants are very friendly and provide you with the necessary equipment.

Ice shuffle board at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Go ice skating

The ice skating rink is not confined to one giant space. You can skate through a windy road and it takes you around some of the other attractions of the park. If you are an amateur skater, you might want to stick close to the railing. I think we lasted about 10-15 minutes on our skates before our ankles started hurting. Also, please note that if your whole party is going to skate, you will have to rent a locker to store your purse, backpack etc. and shoes. It only costs $3 so it’s not bad at all to make sure your belongings are safe.

Ice skating at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Try zip lining

If you’ve never zip lined, then you must try it at CHILL. It was my first time zip lining and I was pretty nervous. There are two lines side by side so you can zip line at the same time as your partner. If this is your first time zip lining, then I definitely recommend it because it’s not that high and not that long or steep. Please note, however, that you need to be under 250 pounds to ride the zip line and you do sign a waiver before you ride as well.

Rent an igloo for a romantic evening

I can’t tell you how romantic it was to see all the igloos lined up near the middle of all the attractions. The scenery was amazing! We didn’t rent the igloo, however we did find out it will cost $69 to rent it and you get personal service while in there. You can also order drinks while you hang out in your igloo. There is also an option to heat the igloo with their own personal fireplaces. My boyfriend mentioned that if he went with his buddies, he would rent out the igloo while they let their wives and children roam the park. It truly is a great hangout spot to just relax and enjoy the views.

Private igloo at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Try the ice bumper cars

The wait time averages about 30 minutes. It’s a bit tricky to find a way to get to the bumper cars, so you may want to get directions so you don’t get lost. You have to cross a bridge to get there.

Ice bumper cars at Chill - Socal.livingmividaloca.com

Ride the ice tricycles on a double seater

Like the bumper cars, you also have to cross a bridge to get to the tricycles. They are located in the China area of the park. You have to go through Switzerland to get there. We wanted to get on the double seater because it’s more romantic and we did, however in order to do so we had to wait in a separate line which moved a bit slower than the single rider line. There are only two tricycles with double seaters, so you might wait a while. We waited about 30 minutes. The riders go around the track twice for a couple of minutes and then they change riders. Please note that you are riding on the ice, so it’s a bit difficult to ride. Again, we were laughing at ourselves the whole track. It seemed to be a recurring theme throughout the night. It felt nice to act silly for one night.

Ice tricycles with your date at Chill - Socal.licingmividaloca.com

Watch the Rudolph 4-D movie aboard the Queen Mary

We saved the movie for last – it’s located on the Queen Mary itself. The Rudolph movie is about 11 minutes long and plays every 30 minutes. It’s in 4-D so expect some movement and live surprises. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but it really is worth it and at the end you get to sing a song together. It really puts you in a festive mood for the rest of the evening.


Chill at the Queen Mary in Long Beach - Socal.livingmividaloca..com

There are more activities you can do at CHILL including the tree lighting ceremony in the evening (which begins at 7:30pm). There are several bars conveniently located around the park and several holiday drinks you can try as well. If you like beer, then definitely check out the Germany area where they serve German beer. There is also coffee and hot chocolate if you want something warm instead. If you like to drink tea, then I suggest you visit China’s Zen Teahouse which is located next to the tricycle area. If you want to enjoy a nice hearty dinner, then I recommend trying the breakfast buffet in Holland. In the same Holland area, you can try holiday drinks such as the Mistletoe Fizz with gin (a product of Holland) which I tried and was delicious! My boyfriend tried their Siracha Bloody Mary and he liked it as well.

They really do have a little bit of everything at CHILL! We were there for about 6 hours and still didn’t get to do everything. Give yourself plenty of time to visit.

WHEN: December 13-January 7

TIME: 4:30pm-11:00pm, (Open Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day)

WHERE: The Queen Mary Park

1126 Queens Hwy., Long Beach, CA, 90802

PRICE: $29 for adults, $19 for kids 3-8 years old

For more information, please visit http://queenmary.com/chill/.

We were invited as a member of the media to attend opening night at CHILL. All thoughts and ideas remain our own. 


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