Show your love by planning ahead this Mother’s Day

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Everyone this is just hard. It is not something we normally strike up in conversation, but oddly it is something that at some point we must talk about. And if bringing it up in conversation is so hard, I can’t imagine having to plan it. So here it goes… have you considered taking care of the funeral expenses and arrangements for your loved one? If you haven’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I don’t think many of us have! I know I haven’t.


As I sit here today pondering on the idea of planning ahead, I realized that there is a lot of comfort that comes from this. By doing so, I will have more time to consider the options available, I can make well-informed decisions without the stress of being rushed. Plus, being given the time and opportunity to pay for these services in advance will result in fewer last minute expenses. I know for me, taking the leap to plan will give me sense of accomplishment. That feel-good feeling of knowing that these arrangements are taken care of early on. And by doing so you allow yourself more time and less stress in those times of grief. Pre-arranging a funeral should be done with care and consideration of your loved one. So, it is important to be open and comfortable to talk about it.

In celebration of this Mother’s Day I will take the hard leap to discuss and act in pre-planning with my mother and as well as my husband. The best gift you can give someone is your time and the best way to prepare for that is by planning early on. I know that I am ready to take the required steps to prepare myself and my family for the unexpected. I plan to make it a “date” with my mamá so that we can talk about her feelings and thoughts on her (I cringe!) funeral. Now, that was hard to type!


Have you talked about what will happen when the day comes? Here are some practical points that you might want to cover. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s what Rose Hills recommends on advance planning. Click over for their four easy steps: reflect, record, support and share that you can use to jumpstart the conversation.

Memorial Park

Rose Hills Memorial Park was founded in 1914 and has sustained its reputation of excellence. They offer 1,400 acres of richness and harmonious surroundings. Rose Hills is most recognized for its Pageant of Roses Garden and for Sky Rose Chapel. Located in Whittier, California it is known as North America’s largest memorial park, with two full-service mortuaries and five planning centers.


Rose Hills offers compassionate and detailed memorial care including cemetery property, funeral services, and cremation options. From start to finish their team of professionals will help personalize and make this a memorable experience.

To get more information on advance planning, please visit Rose Hills website and select any of their five locations. Also, check out their “Life Moments” video on youtube.

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  1. Stephen Chavez
    05/10/2017 at 11:29 pm (1 year ago)

    Thank you for sharing this story. It is important for us to plan ahead for our parents and family for the unexpected. It’s a difficult conversation but once you have it, you’ll have some peace of mind.


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