Tustin Tiller Days 2016

Tustin Tiller Days is an annual festival that takes place at Columbus Tustin Park on the corner of Prospect Ave and Irvine Blvd in the city of Tustin. I was invited to attend the VIP Party to kick off the festival that starts this evening at 4pm September 30th and goes through October 2nd at 10pm.

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Tustin Tiller Days is a festival that was started in 1957 to celebrate the coming of the harvest season. It is named after the Tustin High Tillers and has been running for the last 59 years. The VIP Party last night included food and drink and appreciation for all the donors. The mayor of Tustin, John Nielsen, was in attendance along with several Tustin Parks and Recreation staff members.

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Tillers are an instrument used to till the soil and it became the school mascot of Tustin High due to the several agricultural lands that used to occupy the surrounding Tustin High campus. To celebrate the harvest, the Tustin Tiller Festival will showcase a red tractor to acknowledge the history of the symbol behind the festival.

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I hope to attend the festival this weekend that includes several special events such as the parade on Saturday morning that will take place at 10am. The parade will include bands, drill teams, cheerleaders, antique cars, farm equipment and much more. You can also attend the pancake breakfast on Saturday morning from 7:30am-9:30am which is only $5 and serves as a fundraiser for the Tustin Chamber of Commerce.

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Performers at Tustin Tiller Days - LatinaMomsOC.com

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The festival will include plenty of food, carnival rides, vendors and a sports zone. For those of you that are single and looking to socialize there will be live entertainment and plenty of alcohol however please drink in moderation. There will be a Tilleritaville event on Friday evening from 5pm-9pm which will showcase Budweiser Lime-a-ritas and Straw-ber-ritas for purchase. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon you can participate in the 3rd Annual Backyard Brewfest which will showcase craft beer tasting. There will also be a stand that sells beer and wine as well.

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For those attending with families, you can purchase a wristband for the rides in advance for $25 that is only good for the day you purchase the wrist band. They will be $30 if you purchase them that same day. There are plenty of rides such as the carousel and the Viper ride which older and younger kids will love. There will also be plenty of booths with vendors that will cater to all ages.

Carnival at Tustin Tiller Days - LatinaMomsOC.com

Tustin Tiller Days 2016 - LatinaMomsOC.com

I hope you get the opportunity to attend this festival and maybe make it an annual tradition to kick off the fall season.

For more information, you may visit http://www.tustintillerdays.org.

What to do at Tustin Tiller Days 2016 - LatinaMomsOC.com

I was invited as part of the media to promote this event and received a gift card to the Tustin Parks and Recreation program.


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